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Switch to a Whole Foods Diet.

Switch to a Whole Foods Diet.
LOSE WEIGHT – FEEL GREAT! Look down. Can you see your toes? If you can’t, then (like me) you are probably
overweight. The reason is that about 80% of our diet is refined carbohydrates & animal protein. A refined carbohydrate is when plants are processed in a way that strips out everything but the highly digestible starch or sugar. The body processes this quickly, causing a rise in blood sugar. This sugar is then converted into fat. This is why diabetes is so prevalent today. The fiber and most of the nutrients are also taken out of the food. White flour and cane sugar are refined carbohydrates.
We also eat way too much animal protein: beef, chicken, fish and pork. Watch the documentary “Cowspiracy” on Netflix, to see how the animal agriculture industry has conspired to get us to eat more animal protein, at the expense of destroying the environment and the oceans.

Only 20% of our diet is made up of whole foods (shown below): vegetables, whole grains, fruits, dairy & nuts. Switch to a new diet of 80% whole foods and only 20% refined carbohydrates & animal protein. You can lose weight and save money too. Cut one hamburger a day out of your diet and you save $5 per day, $150 per month, $1800 per year, and $9000 in five years. You could spend that money on things like getting your teeth fixed and improving your health. Research healthy new, whole-food menu ideas on the internet. Cooking is fun!

I once read about a study someone did with a group of pigs. They gave them an unlimited supply of food and the pigs all became overweight as you might imagine. The researchers then put them on a treadmill for an hour per day and measured the amount of food that they ate. Remarkably, the pigs ate much less food after starting the 1 hour daily treadmill regimen and seemed to actually enjoy the opportunity for the daily workout! Exercise decreases appetite! If you can find two hours a day to eat, why can’t you find just one hour to exercise? Gym memberships are not expensive. If nothing else, you can walk for an hour every day outdoors. Try to walk just as fast as you can though or you won’t see much benefit from this. You can make your life better! (See your doctor before beginning any exercise routine, if you have serious health problems that could limit your ability to exercise.)