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All On Four Implants

All-on-4™ Teeth

If you have multiple compromised teeth that are painful, loose, and/or fractured in one or both arches of your smile, doing basic things – such as biting and chewing – become more complicated. While removable dentures secured with oral adhesive can provide some improvements in function, implant-supported dentures offer vastly improved stability and comfort by holding your teeth in place with surgically embedded implant posts. Compared to traditional dentures, ourAll-On-4® technique procedure uses four implants with the back implants tilted to increase the bone-to-implant contact, which enables the “immediate load” and “immediate function” of the replacement teeth.


At the first visit, hi-resolution photos, digital x-rays, a 3D CAT scan and a thorough clinical evaluation will take place followed by expert explanation of the case diagnosis and treatment options. During this visit, impressions are taken (to make the replacement teeth), and a detailed financial overview will be presented.


The surgery takes place comfortably under non-IV or IV sedation. During this visit, the extractions (if necessary), bone grafts (if necessary) and implants are administered. Patients can awaken with removable, or implant secured, “temporary” teeth to return home with a beautiful smile. Patients resume a full schedule of activities within 72 hours. Follow-up visits are typically 1, 4 and 12 weeks after surgery.


When the implants have fully integrated with the jawbone (3 to 4 months later), the “final” teeth are secured. Dr. Miles will work closely with our patients to ensure the teeth are customized to each patients mouth.