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8301 Whitley Road, Fort Worth, TX 76148
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Dr. Miles has been practicing dentistry since 1984, when he graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry. He has attended many continuing education classes after dental school including orthodontics, sleep apnea, TMJ, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implants.
I actually had 2 successful offices in South Fort Worth until 2013. One was at 528 West Seminary Drive and the other was at 6263 McCart Avenue. The portly salesman, in this photo, convinced me to sell them and open a clinic in Watauga. I am not sure if this was a wise move or not. It sounded good at the time, because I would eventually own the building instead of paying rent. This venture is still only marginally successful, but I am hopeful. I would like to write a book someday about my experiences, to help other dentists starting out.
The office was originally called “North Tarrant Smiles” when it opened in 2013, at the advise of the salesman that sold me the office (the man in the previous picture). There is an office nearby with a similar name and it was confusing. Also, search engines don’t recognize the word “smiles” as a dental office. I changed the name to “Miles Dental” and saw an immediate increase in business. Money was wasted on this sign, plus the business income loss for 2 years, but the name change helped. It’s pretty aggravating to get bad advice from someone portraying themselves as an
Our fees are slightly below average for the area. Dr. Miles has always believed in keeping his fees reasonable and having good customer service. One problem that we have, is that people tend to cancel their appointments at the last minute here, so we don’t have adequate time to fill the empty time slot. Our in-office dental plan is free but you are required to put up a $40 deposit for a cleaning appointment and $100 for a dental visit. This seems to deter people from not showing up for their appointments.
Yes Dr. Miles wife Paula works with him in the office. She is from Medellin Colombia. They met in 2008 and got married in 2009. The doctor’s nephew Clint also works in the office. We hired two different receptionists that we were disappointed with, but Clint has done an excellent job organizing and running our business office now. You can trust him to give you an accurate estimate of your treatment fees and insurance benefits.
We have some great new technology at this office. Our X-ray machine, for example, eliminates having to bite on all those uncomfortable sensors and X-ray films. It is fast and only takes a few seconds. We have a lot of cutting edge technology, including a caries video scope that detects cavities and plaque, and a dinosaur dental chair for the kid’s room.