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Dental Device for Treating Sleep Apnea

Did you know that a hormone, called leptin, is made during the deep stages of sleep which controls your appetite? Sleep apnea can deprive your body of this, causing weight gain. Alzheimer’s disease and strokes may be linked to this sleeping disorder also.
I have mild sleep apnea, so I wear an oral appliance at night that holds my jaw forward and keeps my airway open. The CPAP is always the best device for sleep apnea, but I prefer an oral appliance. Call for a FREE, 10-minute airway test for sleep apnea that is done in our office.

Pictured is the best sleep appliance made. It is a computer milled appliance, called the Narval™.
It is custom milled oral device positions the jaw forward to prevent the tongue from blocking the airway during sleep. It is the most comfortable and durable sleep device made. It is a little expensive, but we have less expensive appliances available. $3200