We did a football knockoff, because in a football game, third-down comes up often and this is the amount you will have to pay to start your treatment. Many people can’t afford to pay for the dentistry that they need in one lump sum. They resort to treatment that doesn’t serve them very well, like having teeth extracted that could be restored. With this plan you can pay 1/3 down (33%) on your treatment plan. We will place temporary restorations and remove all the active decay present. Sign up and start making payments over the course of a year with our auto-draft plan for whatever amount you and the office manager agree on. When your case is paid up, we will place the permanent restorations.

Your Questions Answered About This Plan:

One year. If longer time is needed to lower your payments, we have Care Credit available.
No, there is only a $2 per month payment processing fee per family. This covers our costs involved in processing your payment to your credit card each month.
Yes your payments refundable. You will only owe us for the charges incurred at the beginning of treatment, and for the $2 monthly processing charge.
No. There is no credit check.
We will remove any active carious lesions. We will also get you out of any pain that you are experiencing by beginning endodontic therapy on any teeth that are hurting you. We will thoroughly clean your teeth. If you need a temporary restoration or partial to replace some unattractive front teeth, we will do that also.
Yes you may use your insurance with this plan. However, we always follow all insurance rules and regulations as far as any co-payments that are due. We are not allowed to do treatment for whatever your insurance policy will pay. You must meet your co-payment at the time of service.
We will need both a credit card and a debit card which is tied to an active bank account. We will charge an initial fee of .10 to each card to verify that the cards are valid. Then we will charge whichever card you choose, on either the first of the month or the fifteenth. This is also your choice. If we are unable to process the monthly fee, then the other card will be charged. It is your responsibility to keep enough credit available to make your payments. We don’t have time to call every patient on this plan, trying to obtain payment when the monthly charge will not go through.

Types of treatment qualifies for the third-down plan:

Crowns and Bridges
Endodontic Therapy (Root-Canals)
Partials and Dentures