Project Description

The Vita Easyshade® 5.0 is one of the latest innovations in cosmetic dentistry to revolutionize the way we create dental restorations. This digital shade-matching device can be used to create restorations that seamlessly blend in with your natural teeth with an exceptional outcome. Inside your mouth, there are countless shades contained within your natural teeth. The Vita Easyshade® 5.0 allows Dr. Wayne Miles to select the shade for your porcelain crown or porcelain veneer that can produce the most natural-looking results possible.

Benefits of Vita Easyshade® 5.0

The Vita Easyshade® 5.0 can be an indispensable tool when you are trying to match the shade of a single tooth for a porcelain veneer or dental crown. The device has a number of settings, allowing Dr. Miles to select and match the shade of a single spot on the tooth or take an average shade of the entire tooth. Some of our patients have even used the Vita Easyshade® 5.0 to replace an existing crown or veneer with a new restoration that better matches their teeth’s natural shade. In addition, the Vita Easyshade® 5.0 can be used to accurately monitor your progress with our teeth whitening treatments.