PerioProtect is one of the few ways that we can reverse bone loss from periodontal disease. It is a patented tray that is made by the manufacturer custom for you. You start with four treatments per day at 15 minutes each time. Just put enough of the hydrogen peroxide medication in the trays to cover the teeth. Small projections in the flexible plastic tray force the medication under your gums. One treatment per day, you also add some antibiotic drops on top of the clear peroxide gel. After 21 days almost all of the bacteria around your gums will be eliminated, then you can switch to using the trays twice per day, once in the morning while you are showering, and once at bedtime when you are watching TV. You can occasionally sleep in the trays, but it is not recommended long term.

This is a great product. For $600, you get the trays and enough medications to last for 2 months. Later you can order the gel online your self from the manufacturer.

Check out their website here and look at some of the X-rays of the bone regrowth around loose teeth from gum disease. Click here.