Miles Dental Plan:

Anyone can use this plan and you can save money on your dental treatment.

With Miles Dental Plan, you get a dental cleaning for $89 for adults and $60 for children, plus the X-rays and examination by the doctor are included Free!

We allow you to pay for your dental cleanings monthly: $15 for an Adult & $10 for a Child or Teenager.

Cancel membership any time after paying off any balance owed on your account. Each cleaning is billed over a 6 month period.

Save 20% just by prepaying for your treatment 24 hours in advance of your appointment.

Just remember to call us before 12 noon, one business-day before your visit, to avoid cancellation penalties. You can even send a family member in your place, if something comes up.

Summary of Savings:

 First Visit You Pay
 Adult Examination & Cavity Detecting X-rays  $0
 Child Examination & Cavity Detecting X-rays  $0
 Adult Cleaning, Examination & Cavity Detecting X-rays  $89.00
 Child Cleaning, Examination & Cavity Detecting X-rays  $60.00
 Crown You Pay
 Porcelain Crown – Front Tooth  $913.00
 Porcelain Crown – Back Tooth  $850.00
 Core Buildup  $200.00


 Diagnostics & Preventive You Pay
 Panoramic Radiographic Image  $60.00
 Recall Adult Cleaning with Dental Exam Included Free  $89.00
 Recall Child Cleaning with Dental Exam Included Free  $60.00
 Sealants per Tooth  $42.00
 Fluoride Varnish  $39.00
 Bridge You Pay
 Total for 3 unit Bridge  $2,600.00
 Total for 4 unit Bridge  $3,500.00
 Total for 5 unit Bridge  $3,950.00
 Buildup  No Charge
 Composite Restorations You Pay
 Anterior- One Tooth Surface  $121.00
 Anterior- Two Tooth Surfaces  $155.00
 Posterior- One Tooth Surface  $142.00
 Posterior- Two Tooth Surfaces  $186.00
 Denture You Pay
 Complete Upper  $1,459.00
 Complete Lower  $1,459.00
 Complete Reline Upper  $240.00
 Complete Reline Lower  $320.00
 Periodontics You Pay
 Scaling & Root Planning (four or more teeth per quad)  $184.00
 Full Mouth Debridement  $126.00
 Periodontal Maintenance  $113.00
 Partial You Pay
 Upper Partial-Flexible  $1,000.00
 Lower Partial-Flexible  $1,000.00
 Maxillary Partial-Cast Metal  $1,612.00
 Mandibular Partial-Case Metal  $1,612.00
 Endodontics You Pay
 Therapeutic Pulpotomy  $152.00
 Anterior Root Canal $580.00
 Bicuspid Root Canal  $712.00
 Molar Root Canal  $883.00
 Implant You Pay
 Surgical Placement of Implant  Oral Surgeon Fee
 Implant Crown-Porcelain  $1,250.00
 Bone Replacement Graft  $500.00
 Total for Implant  $3,500.00 to $3995
 Oral Surgery You Pay
 Simple Extraction  $125.00
 Surgical Removal of Erupted Tooth  $207.00
 Removal of Impacted- Soft Tissue  $260.00
 Removal of Impacted- Partially Bony  $346.00
 Removal of Impacted- Completely Bony  $400.00
Miscellaneous/ Other Services You Pay
 Nitrous Oxide $30.00
 Occlusal Guard  $500.00
 Invisalign  $4,500.00
Vivera Retainers $400
Clearbow Retainers $400

Plan Details:

  • We allow you to pay your cleaning visits out over 6 months and give you 20% off our fees as an incentive to stay with us.
  • It costs $15.00 per month for an adult & $10.00 per month for a child or teenager. You get 2 cleanings per year, plus all exams & X-rays.
  • Free copy of X-rays is provided to compare fees at other offices.
  • There is also a $2 monthly transaction fee per family.
  • You get 20% off our professional fees. They are listed on our website, unlike the corporate dental brands that claim up to 50% off, but leave you guessing about what you will actually be paying. Check our website to see your dental savings at com.
  • Cash or credit card payment is required 24 hours in advance of treatment to receive the 20% courtesy.
  • A 10% courtesy is offered for advance payment made with Care Credit, and we pay the interest, if all payments are made on time.
  • Cancel plan any time, by calling and paying off any balance owed.
  • A credit card # and a debit card # is required for membership. We are operating at a lower profit margin, so appointments cannot be missed. Call before noon a day in advance, if you need to reschedule or a $50 broken appointment fee will be charged to your card. Rules are similar to the airlines’ non-refundable fares.
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