PerioProtect is one of the few ways that we can reverse bone loss from periodontal disease. It is a patented tray that is made by the manufacturer custom for you. You start with four treatments per day at 15 minutes each time. Just put enough of the hydrogen peroxide medication in the trays to cover [...]

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Silver Diamine Fluoride

Silver Diamine Fluoride in Caries Management The photos shown here are of someone with rampant caries. The teeth were treated with a substance called silver diamine fluoride. This product kills the pathogenic microorganisms and stops the decay in the tooth. Unfortunately it turns the teeth black in the process, but the teeth can later be [...]

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E.max Esthetic Crowns

Natural looking E.max™  all porcelain crowns look almost identical to natural teeth, because there is no metal in them. Porcelain is added on top of a super hard zirconium substructure for a beautiful & long lasting crown. $895 using our savings plan.

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Invisalign Aligner Therapy is Now Even Better Than Ever

Invisalign has changed their product to newer more flexible aligners. They are  now more comfortable & work in even less time.  Invisalign™  $4500  Invisateen™ $3800 Price includes $300 Vivara™ retainers at end of treatment.  

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Switch to a Whole Foods Diet.

LOSE WEIGHT - FEEL GREAT! Look down. Can you see your toes? If you can’t, then (like me) you are probably overweight. The reason is that about 80% of our diet is refined carbohydrates & animal protein. A refined carbohydrate is when plants are processed in a way that strips out everything but the highly digestible [...]

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Celebrity Dental Makeovers

Celebrity Smiles: How far do you think Tom Cruise would have gotten in show business, if he’d not had a dental makeover? What kind of opportunities are you missing out on because of the appearance of your teeth? There is a saying, “Sow a thought, and reap an action. Sow an action, reap a habit. [...]

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Comfortable Anesthetic

WHAT? YOU JUST GAVE ME A SHOT? I BARELY FELT ANYTHING DOC! We use a new buffering pen that buffers the acid in anesthetic carpules which is added as a preservative. It takes the sting out of the injection by changing the acidic anesthetic to the neutral pH of the body. Shown on the left [...]

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Dental Device for Treating Sleep Apnea

Did you know that a hormone, called leptin, is made during the deep stages of sleep which controls your appetite? Sleep apnea can deprive your body of this, causing weight gain. Alzheimer’s disease and strokes may be linked to this sleeping disorder also. I have mild sleep apnea, so I wear an oral appliance at night that holds my [...]

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Oral Cancer Light Tests for Natural Florescence of Oral Tissue

Oral cancer is on the rise, due to increase in the Human papillomavirus. This instrument compares the natural UV florescence of healthy tissue with non-fluorescing pre-cancerous tissue.  It's included with the initial examination.

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Spectral Cavity Detection Device Is Extremely Accurate for Detecting Cavities

Spectral cavity detection looks at the wavelength that bacteria reflect under a special light. It gives a more accurate indication of dental caries than the old way of using a dental explorer. It's included in the initial examination.

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